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Do you have any words that just kill you? Make you want to throw up in your mouth or all over the person next to you on the bus? Or how about those words that just make your friggin’ day, and you have no idea why, whether it be the way the letters just dance on your tongue, or how exc ited you get when you can actually use that word in a sentence, or in a term paper?

I figured since I’m a writer and an English major, it’s only natural that one (or two) of my lists be about one of my favorite things ever – words. Obviously there are thousands if not MILLIONS of words in the English language, and if I went through the entire dictionary it would take forever for me to comprise these lists. So here are abridged versions of my favorite and least favorite words, based on a) the way they sound/feel to say, b) what they mean/represent, and c) just general opinion lacking any true reason. Warning: some are vulgar.

Words I hate:

The C Word – an obvious starting point

MOIST – see above.

Torn, ruptured, detached, or anything of the like in regards to body parts


Ointment – stopstopstopstop




Curdled – is it bad that I can smell this word?


Clitoris – this word just makes me angry, no real reason why

Maggot – it invokes awful images in my brain

Toot – Just stop.

Any slang word to describe male or female sexy parts



Pus – why?


Words I love:

Juxtaposition – I try to use it in every English paper I write

Blasé, Passé, Résumé, and any other word that automatically is accented in MS Word




Cerulean – love the color and the word

Scrumtrulescent – I had to


Synecdoche – not only is it fun/difficult to say, but it’s one of my favorite literary devices

Ejercicio – not in English, but still a very delightful word to say




Xi – especially on a triple word score in Scrabble


Cantankerous – though I never know when/how to use it

Antidisestablishmentarianism – I was reminded about this word by my uncle; never used it in my life


I’d be curious to hear about the words that make you squeamish or fill you with a cornucopia of delight! :)


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8 responses to “lists schmists

  1. Holly

    I feel as if the picture included should come with a NSFW label.

    Fave word of mine?

    Though, I do enjoy the singular “pant”

  2. Holly

    To clarify:
    “Pant” as in what Tim Gunn says instead of “Pants”

    • Sorry about the lack of warning with that picture. But it pretty much sums up what I hate about that word. But my hatred applies to all uses, such as “moist towelette”. GFKGBJFafdkgbj

  3. David Dolinko

    Dislikes: spigot, phlegm, flammable, God-fearing.

    Likes: tweak, twirl, murmuring

  4. Laura

    Random fact: Helen Thomas was our commencement speaker when I graduated high I got to see that junk in person. As for words…I love basically. Basically…You are a jackass. You basically throw some stuff in a bowl and voila…dinner! Its very versatile. Moist is high on my list of words that make me cringe. Along with the words “My”, “Mom”, “is”, “coming”, “to” and “visit”, when used in that order and spoken by my husband. ;-)

  5. pattycakes

    straggler from GT here.. very funny blog. Bookmarking!

    And I laughed so damned hard. Moist and panties (EW not together! gags) are two I have on my of my best friends and I yell all of our ‘trigger’ gross out words into voicemail sometimes to make the other laugh. Ah, maturity. We’re in our thirties, go figure. Glad other people have these word lists too. Makes me feel less of a freak:P

    • Thanks for reading! I’m so glad you enjoyed it (enough to bookmark, even!) I have a really interesting relationship with words, and after I posted this I thought of about 5 more words I can’t stand. The list goes on!

      Please come back soon. In the meantime, catch you on GT!

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