About the Author


I guess the reason I’ve been avoiding this section is because I don’t think there is much to say about me at this point. I grew up and live in Yonkers, New York, but I currently live on campus at the State University of New York at New Paltz where I am a senior majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Art Studio and Jewish Studies.

As a little peanut, I was interested in reading, though it took several attempts by my parents for me to fully enjoy it. Despite my hesitation, reading was always encouraged in my house. Once I caught on to its magic, it was picture books like the Berenstein Bears, but then I became interested in children’s chapter books like the Babysitter’s Club series and Sweet Valley High (yeah, I said it). For brief time I was interested in mysteries, and preceded to buy a large portion of the Lois Duncan books, none of which I ended up reading. For most of my life – and even to this day – I read young adult literature. At this point in my life, I’ll read just about anything.

Writing, though, was something I always had a passion for. I remember this vividly: the first time I wanted to be a writer (or at least considered it) was in the fourth grade when my teacher, upon reading a Halloween story I had written, told me – gushingly – that I had such a talent for writing. In fifth grade, we had to write our autobiographies. My teacher gave me an A+ and told me I had a knack for writing. However, I think one of my proudest moments came in the sixth grade, when we had to write our own ending to Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. My English teacher loved it so much that she read it to her other classes, and I had no idea. So as I was waiting to enter class that day, a student from the exiting class told me she loved my story. I was honestly floored.

As far as work experience goes, I haven’t had much. Since June 2006 I’ve worked at my local Hallmark store. While it is not my favorite place in the world, let’s just say it inspires a lot of short stories and essays. This past summer, however, I was an intern at a literary agency in New York City.

My life is at a standstill of sorts at the moment as I prepare to break into the real world come May 2011. As a college senior, I suppose it is required for me to think about my future. I have many interests regarding my future, career plans, and things of the like, and my mind is constantly evolving much like a cheaply made mood ring. But as of right now, I would like to be an author of young adult literature, and an interior decorator. Strange combination, I know. My plan is to work in publishing for several years where I will hopefully get a good sense of how books are made, while simultaneously working on my writing and working towards getting published. After a while, when I have a steady job/income/possibly a place of my own I will take online courses in decorating/color theory and hopefully, eventually, start my own small interior decorating business.

In the meantime – meaning, in the middle of wrapping up my last year of college – I spend most of my time writing, reading, and painting. I Love cooking and baking. Capital L. I’m really into photography and my next big(ish) investment will be in a professional Nikon or Canon SLR camera. I also really want to learn new crafts like knitting or crocheting.

I plan to update this section of the page as my life continues to progress!