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For all who were curious, the About the Author page is up now! But no picture yet :(

In other news, 2 weeks until Thanksgiving! Woo!


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a virtual sticky note

I usually don’t like to explain or prove myself to people, but recently, several people have approached me – usually concerned family members/boyfriend – asking me about “how I’m doing” or if “everything is alright.” Obviously, I completely appreciate the concern because a) it proves people are actually reading my blog and b) it proves people actually care about me. Much love, much love. However, I just want to clear up some obvious confusion.

I am not, nor have I ever been seriously depressed. Sure things get to me from time to time; I sometimes get severely bummed, at most. This is just how I write. These posts about losing friends, feeling lonely, etc. are not some kind of desperate cry for help. It’s just me, being me. I’ve always written about my life, or how I feel, whether in a LiveJournal or a live journal. It’s what I’m used to. This is just me writing out how I feel because sometimes, it’s easier that way. My computer screen can’t talk back, or tell me I shouldn’t feel Emotion X; it doesn’t judge me or tell me when I’m being too sensitive or when I should just let things go. While I try to remain open-minded about advice like that, sometimes, I just don’t want to hear it. So I write. And maybe sometimes my love of words takes over and I find myself sounding a wee bit more dramatic than intended. Okay, there’s that too. Not that I’m lying or exaggerating. I just don’t want people thinking that all I do is toil over my angst. That’s what 90’s teen dramas are for. (And God, I love them.)

So for all of those wondering: I AM FINE. I totally and 105% appreciate the concern, really I do, but I’m just writing. Seriously. Keep reading, and please, keep being interested, but also keep all this in mind. Because if I can’t write about everything – including the bad times or the shades of gray – what is the point of keeping this blog?


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First post blabber.

So, this blog has technically been in existence for about 2 days, and here I am, on Day 2, completely at a loss for what to write. Well, shit. I guess I should be begin with why I’m here. Well, I recently (2 weeks ago) arrived home from my semester abroad in London, ready to continue my personal and geographical explorations here in America. As of last week, I am officially a college senior. Last Tuesday, I started my internship at a literary agency in New York City. Needless to say, things have been falling into place for me for the past few weeks, and I haven’t had a spare moment to sort through it all. On top of all of the changes to my life currently in progress, I’ve come home from London with a bushel – yes, a bushel, I measured it myself – of motivation that, I’m presuming, I should use towards altering myself and accomplishing some of my major – and petty – goals that I’ve set for myself but only leniently monitored. Fear not, a list of these goals will be posted, post haste. However, I can’t promise that a few vent sessions or personal anecdotes of my day/life won’t slip in here, but I’ll do my best to make this as unlike my 10th grade LiveJournal as possible.

While I’m in the sharing mood, I’ll admit – to all 2.5 of you that I presume are reading this right now – that this isn’t just some monitor of self-discovery and achievement. I also started a blog because I love to write but, quite frankly, I’ve been too lazy these days to pursue it, aka to publish my work. I figure blogging is a way to get my writing out there without having to actually go through the pain of trying to publish it. Judge me if you will, but this plan works for me right now. Besides, getting published is one of my goals for this summer. Also, I have a lot of thoughts floating around in my head, and unless I write them down somewhere – or start talking to myself – I may just go insane. I guess that’s where those “vent sessions” and “personal anecdotes” come into play.

Anyway, that’s my story. Or at least part of it. I don’t want to scare everyone away right away.

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